My Bike Could Kick Your Bike’s Ass

Last weekend, I decided (rather randomly) that I am not going to use my car to travel distances of less than 4 miles (for 30 days… you know, a challenge of sorts).  This could lead to some interesting adventures.  Even though we live smack in the middle of suburbia, almost everything that we need to do or places we would want to go on a regular basis fall within that 4 miles.

So far I have:

  • Biked to hear Rebekah Pulley play outdoors at Lowry Park (this was the impetus for the Ride-or-Die decision)
  • Gone to the grocery store twice (although I have not done a major shopping trip yet).  Carried the groceries home in a backpack once.  Now we have put the panniers back on my rack.
  • Picked up an 18lb bag of dog food at the pet store (strapped it to my back rack)
  • Ridden my cruiser to church (in a skirt!)
  • Carried about 12 books and a rather large Tupperware container (to house said books) to an AA meeting via bike
  • Pedaled up to grab a grande skinny iced latte at Barnes and Noble.

I love how self-sufficient and powerful negotiating all of these errands via bike makes me feel.  And God knows, I adore being outside in the sunshine.  And my carbon footprint is shrinking with every bike trip I take. (ah, is that smug, self-righteous superiority I hear?  I know, I know.  I am kicking myself in the ass right now, so you don’t have to)

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