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I Heart Brown Dog

November 20, 2009

My dog chases possums.  She trees them.  She corners them.  She barks at them, while they glare at her from the top of the fence.

No amount of shouting deters her.  Their hissing she ignores.  Flying flip flops?  Unfazed.

Tonight, she came in from her rendezvous with the possum… covered in green.  All over her paws, legs, her belly, her FACE.  Apparently, in addition to possums, we have some weed in the yard that Brown Dog gravitates toward.  And she brought most of it back in the house with her.

So, now I have a dog that I have been yelling at for an interminable period of time to leave the damn possum alone, who has tracked green weeds onto my (relatively) clean floor… She knows how to push my buttons, that is certain.

But I’ll be damned if I didn’t end up laughing at her as I brushed all of the green stuff off…

I mean just look at her.  Ridiculous.