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Where’s Pea?

March 9, 2010

Oh good Lord in Heaven… almost two weeks have flown by without a peep from the Pea.  Let’s see if I can get you guys caught up real quick:

  • Spent the weekend with my family in Orlando celebrating Mama’s 60th birthday.  The venture included a trip to Cafe Tu Tu Tango, outlet shopping, and a day at Universal Studios.  Mama’s favorite ride:  Shrek.  Oh man, does she love Shrek.  My favorite:  The Mummy.   A rollercoaster!  In the dark!  With fire!  Dude.
  • Commented on 88 papers in 4 days.  That is 22 papers per day (just in case you didn’t pass 3rd grade math, you know, with the division).  Did I have time to do anything else? Glad you asked.
  • Ran on campus last Thursday, a first for me even though I have worked at USF for 6 years.  Unbeknownst to me, there are hills on campus.  I think I climbed every one of them in the hour that I ran.
  • Discovered that, after a long run, I sometimes feel woozy.  Almost passed out in the girls bathroom in Cooper Hall.  That bathroom is scarier than the thought of passing out.  Trust me.
  • Saturday Monkito and I hit the Gasparilla Art Show, the Buddha Lounge for lunch, and Joffrey’s coffee in Ybor (for a HUGE slice of chocolate cake).  Lovely time had by all.  Then off to Paci’s Pizza for a slice  (Monkito swears it is just like NY pizza… what do I know?  I have never even been to NY) and to our Saturday night AA meeting in South Tampa.  Yes, we go to dinner and a meeting almost every Saturday night.  It is a date.  Shut it.
  • Sunday morning = church!  Then a quick 5k, lunch with Monkito, a jog (with Monkito!) at Lake Park, and some volleying of the tennis ball at another neighborhood park.  Yes, Monkito went for a jog.  She did great!  We did a mile (with exercise stops along the trail, which we did too) and then walked another mile to complete the loop.  And playing tennis (and I use that in the absolute loosest sense of the words) was a blast.  Turns out I can keep the ball on the court the majority of the time.  Who knew?
  • Monday I drove down to Fort Desoto to run.  Beautiful view.  Ran for an hour and a half (a new record for me).  Haven’t calibrated my Nike band yet, but I am guessing I covered 8 mile or so.  Could see the ocean most of the time from the paved trail.  The temperature was about 70.  Gorgeous.
  • And finally, today I was very, very brave as I had two cavities filled.  And, all day long, the Crest Gel commercial from the 80s has been in my head.  Cavity Creeps attacking!  Crest Gel! Crest Gel!  (I need to get out more)

And, just think, we are only on Day 2 of Spring Break!  The adventure continues…



February 19, 2010

Monkito may not be a church-goer, but she is always willing to listen to me rehash the sermon for her.  In fact, she always asks what church was about when I return home… which keeps me on my toes.  No daydreaming during the sermon for me.

When I came home from Ash Wednesday service, she wanted the low down about the sermon.  She had been at an Urban Charrette shindig, so we got to swap stories.  When it was my turn, I told her the sermon series for Lent was going to be based on the Beatitudes.

The what?  Be… what?  What did  you say?


Be-ATTITUDES??? Ha!  What is a Be-ATTITUDE?

Uh… are you serious?  You know, like in the Sermon on the Mount.


Well, tonight’s sermon was about the one that starts “Blessed are the poor…”

(interrupting) What do you mean blessed are the poor?  How can the poor be blessed?  That doesn’t even make any sense.

‘Kito, I feel a little bit like we are on a bad segment of a children’s Christian radio program, where the heathen kid is sent in to question the faithful Christian kid.  Seriously.

But it doesn’t make sense… it seems like… it seems counter-intuitive.

Cool, because the sermon series is called “The Transforming Paradox.”  Nifty how they did that, huh? Perhaps you should go with me.. you know, just during Lent and all.

No, seriously ‘Kito.  You should.


Damn Fine

February 16, 2010

Monkito and I decided to get sober together.  Hell, we drank together, so why not?

I knew I had reached my saturation point (so to speak); I was done drinking.  Permanently.  And I had some hope these AA people could tell me how to to accomplish that goal.  I truly had no expectations for Monkito.  I knew enough to realize that sobriety was an intensely personal decision.  And I knew I would love her either way.  But I was damn glad she was going to my first AA meeting with me.

We had both missed work that day.  Of course, we needed that last big blowout the night before our AA debut… and I had paid dearly with an intense hangover all day long.  I finally climbed into the shower and rinsed of the shame from the night before.  Toward the end of my drinking days, there was always a lot of shame and guilt around my drinking… one more thing in my life that was out of control, that I was f*cking up.  I emerged from my shower with renewed hope… this was going to work.  This AA thing was to be the key to getting my life back.

I pulled on my jeans and cowboy boots, applied some make-up, and Monkito and I headed (nervously) to our first meeting.  Now, I think it funny that I got all dolled up… I guess I wanted to make an impression, to show up ready for my new life.  Once I walked through the door and sat down in the chair, there was no going back.  Walking into AA was my admission that I am an alcoholic.  I haven’t looked back since.

And, just for the record, I realized that Monkito truly wanted this sobriety thing as much as I did when she picked up her white chip (she had to motion for me to pick one up… I had no idea what the hell was going on.  She must have researched the strange AA ways on the internets).  And it has been a damn fine journey that she and I have taken together.

Why I Suck at Sick

February 15, 2010

I used to be a phenomenal sick person.  Seriously.  I could be completely content to lay around, do nothing and not feel a shred of guilt or a twinge of desire to be productive.

Alas, that person exists no more.

I started to feel bad last Wednesday night.  I conceded to taking a nap on Thursday afternoon, but I felt strange about it.  Lazy, perhaps.  Struggled a bit in classes on Friday, but managed to impart my knowledge upon them and grade some papers Friday afternoon.  Success!

Saturday morning found me well enough for a 6.6 mile run (my longest yet!).  But, afterward, I couldn’t quite shake this foggy feeling.  I felt groggy, like when I first wake up from a nap… ALL DAY.  Odd.  (Of course, it never occurred to me that I was still a bit sick and may have pushed my body too hard).

Sunday, I woke up at 6:30 am for the Flatwoods 4.  Look, I had already signed up for this race.  True, I didn’t feel in top form… but I spent the $25  registration fee, so there was no talking me out of going.  (Not that Monkito even tried.  She understands my various levels of insanity, and she knew that she should just let this one go).  I slammed down a cup of coffee and headed out the door… right into 32 degree weather.  Damn.

I am woefully unprepared to run in truly cold weather.  I live in FLORIDA.  The temperature here typically runs from mild to hotter than hell.  But, Sunday morning caught me standing at Flatwoods in sweatpants and one of those stinky, long-sleeve wicking numbers… in freezing temperatures.  Shit.

The first mile of the race found me frantically searching my brain for reasons to just pull over, call it a day and head home.  The cold weather caused me to suck in a lot of air when I started running (remember, unprepared to run in freezing temperatures), so my breathing was off.  I suck at setting my pace (and I don’t yet have a device to assist me with that), so I probably started out too quickly.  My nose ran so much that I finally stopped wiping away snot.  I jumped over limbs, dodged mud, skirted root systems…  and was surprised to suddenly realize (around mile 2) that I was almost having fun out there.

Entire sections of the road were underwater.  I almost lost my shoe in the mud.  But I finished.  And I did pretty well (for me).  Four miles of trail in 42:38.  Elated.  I always am, after a race (well, all three races I have run, anyway).

But, surprising only to me, this outdoor adventure marked the return of my cold, in full force.  I sneezed and fended off snot all day yesterday.  This morning I woke up feeling like an anvil was on my head.  Monkito and I conferenced quickly (and quietly) in bed and decided (after her reminding me repeatedly that everyone gets sick sometimes) that I should…. cancel classes.  ACK!

After sleeping for 12 hours and trying to do this thing called “resting” all day, I believe I am finally on the mend.  I feel so good that I might try to sneak in a run tomorrow, while Monkito is working.  Sh.  It will be our secret.

We Are Having What?

January 19, 2010

On Tuesdays, Monkito and I usually head to her parents’ house for dinner.  Dinner at the parents’ is a win-win.  I like her parents, AND I don’t have to cook on Tuesdays.  Sweet.  And, after a period of adjustment, her mom copes relatively well with the vegetarian “issue.”  (Yes, for Monkito’s mom, it IS an issue)  She is a pretty good cook, so it is fun to see what she comes up with to feed us troublesome vegetarians.  And, after every meal, her dad looks at her mom and says, “Babs, that was a fine vegetarian meal.”  Every time.  Funny stuff.

Last Tuesday, we walked in and Babs announced, “We are having peas and potatoes.  I am not sure Pea even likes peas and potatoes, but we are having it anyway!”

The scene swirled on around me, without me having to answer at all.  And the fact is, it doesn’t matter whether I like peas and potatoes.  It is Monkito’s grandmother’s dish… the whole family loves it, even if I do not.  And I emphatically DO NOT.

Let me explain peas and potatoes:  red potatoes (cubed), thickened milk gravy, and peas.  That is it.  Spices?  No.  Pepper?  No.  Salt?  No.  Please don’t get me wrong.  Peas and potatoes is not gross.  It cannot BE gross, because it doesn’t taste like ANYTHING.  Oh, wait.  I am sorry.  That does a disservice to the peas.  It tastes like nothing… with peas.

But Monkito and her family LOVE it.  LOVE.  They get so excited when it is peas & potatoes night… her aunt even came over for dinner, just because we were having it.

I just scratch my head and eat it anyway.  Because, to them, peas and potatoes means home, family and memories.  And it is hard to argue with that.

Pea + Monkito = True Love 4ever

January 18, 2010

Monkito completely stole my heart when I met her.  Sappy, yet true.  Regardless of which version of “the meeting” I were to tell you (long or short), it becomes immediately apparent that I was a smitten kitten from the beginning.  I always had that heart-skipping excitement when I thought about her.  I wanted her–her time, her attention, her affection–and I knew that we belonged together.

I was right.  Totally dig when I am right.

But the crazy part is that, almost 6 and 1/2 years after she first asked me if I wanted to make out outside of a dive bar in Tampa (it was her way of saying she liked me–it was endearing, really), I am more intrigued by her, more delightfully in love with her than I ever imagined possible.

The past two weeks have been tough on Monkito and I.  Losing Blat meant losing a dream that had brought us closer together.  Honestly, I was afraid that our hurt and frustration would drive a wedge between us.

Instead, she has shown me that I can rely on her when my hope has flagged…she makes me laugh… she makes me forget, for a while at least, that this hurts.  She asks the right questions.  She listens to my rants.  She searches for the right thing to do (and, against all odds, she seems to find it).

She surprises me.  Just when I thought I couldn’t love her any more than I already do, she gives me yet another reason to fall for her all over again.

I am a lucky girl.  Truly.

Waiting It Out

January 15, 2010

I took the drugs to prompt my body to begin the miscarriage process about 4 hours ago.  Actually taking the drugs felt like a monumental decision.  I am not sure quite why.  The pregnancy is over.  I guess the administration of the drugs was the final acknowledgement that Blat is gone.

Aside from my laying on the couch while the cramps come and go, Monkito and I have spent the evening enthralled in Battlestar Gallactica.  Brilliant diversion. Fraking brilliant.

And in other news, I almost lost my mind when I realized that our mop is nowhere to be found.  A dog peed on the floor, and I HAVE NO MOP.  (can you see how close we came to a meltdown there?)  Fortunately, Monkito saved the day once again by picking  up a mop on her way to fetch the pizza.  Thank God for Monkito.

While I am being thankful, I want to send a shout out (do the kids even say that any more?) to my baby sister, who visited last night, and to my best friend and her partner, who are flying in tomorrow.  Monkito and I feel loved and supported during this otherwise rather shitty time.  And for that we are most grateful.