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November 12, 2011

Walking into the front door of my house felt so good…so very, very good.  

Jane and I had been gone for 6 days, due to the Flea Apocalypse of 2011.  Six days of forced exile doesn’t really feel like a vacation.  I missed being able to cook.  I missed typing a blog post on a computer, instead of on my iPhone.  I missed listening to Jane play while her Baba gave her a bath.  And I missed Amy.  I felt so set adrift…  

Being home grounds me.  As much as I want to be spontaneous, I have come to love our routine.  I enjoy our little family of three, and I look forward to our daily adventures (even if, to some folks, they don’t seem very adventuresome at all).

Turns out, I really like my life.  And I am happy to have it back.