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Is That Even a Thing?

November 14, 2011

On Sundays, Amy gets Jane dressed for church, while I get myself dressed.  This arrangement usually works out pretty well, with the exception of the time she dressed Jane in jeans and a long sleeve bunny tee.  For church.  Uh…

This past Sunday, Jane was wearing a blue dress with flowers and butterflies and pink leggings.  Adorable. I made a mental note to congratulate Amy later on putting together such a cute outfit, since I was so distracted by practicing my Scripture reading for the service that I probably would have taken her to church in her pjs.  

We got to church early (like 40 minutes early–which is totally typical for us), and Amy pulled Jane up into the front seat with us while we sat in the parking lot so I could read through the Scripture AGAIN.  I read it aloud to Amy and Jane (they both thought I did great), and I finally relaxed enough to look at my sweet girls.  

And then I noticed that Jane’s dress was on backward.

I decided to broach the topic carefully, “Um, honey, I think Jane’s dress is on backward.”

“No. Look.  The buttons are in the back.”

Now I am starting to giggle… “Yeah, but didn’t you notice that they are kind of ornate?  And they have ruffles around them.  They  totally go in the front. Yeah, and it looks backward.”

“I didn’t even know that was a danger!  Now I have to worry about putting her dress on backward!”

My poor Amy.  After all these years, she is having to learn about being a girl for the sake of her daughter.  That, right there, is some kind of love.