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Entitling this post “One is the Loneliest Number” would seem a bit heavy-handed…

December 10, 2011

All 3 of us are sick.  On any given day, that would suck.  But today was supposed to have been our Christmas party.  And we had to cancel.  We couldn’t very well entertain folks in The House of Sick.

But I really needed this party.  I am feeling kind of friendless right now.  Actually, I just feel disconnected from the friends I do have.  I just don’t know how to get into a groove where it is just easy and natural to meet someone out for a cup of coffee.  Right now, even with my friends, a cup of coffee feels more like a date (an awkward first one at that).  And that is if we ever even make it out for that cup of coffee–and, let’s be honest, we don’t.

When I quit drinking three years ago, I lost the core group of people I hung out with.  I do have two very good friends who have remained close… but we never hang out.  I just know they are there, if I need them.  I had hoped I would meet some friends once I had Jane.  I figured other moms might want to be friends, right?  And it isn’t that I am not making friends.  It just seems like such a slow process.

I just want some to take the kids to the park with.  Someone to share the joys, trials and mishaps of married life and parenthood with.  I want to have a cup of coffee.  I want someone to tell me if the jeans look okay on me or not.  I just want a friend.   Or two.


Flea Apocalypse 2011

November 6, 2011

Fleas.  We have fleas.   Fleas that bite our baby girl and make her break out in hives.  Fleas that are exiling Jane & I to South Florida to stay with my parents, while Amy de-fleas the house.  Fleas!  WE DON’T EVEN HAVE A DOG.

Normally, I try to roll with the punches.  But, seriously.  FLEAS.  

We have removed 90% of the furniture from the living room.  We have vacuumed.  We have treated the carpets with baking soda & salt… because we have a baby who can’t very well crawl around on Borax or fossilized bug parts.  I have washed countless loads of laundry.  I can barely walk in the kitchen, because all of our living room furniture is hanging out in there.  Did I mention the hives on the baby?  And the laundry?  And the not being able to really be in the house, but needing to get the house ready for the carpets to be cleaned, and trying to pack for an impromptu, flea-driven trip out of town, and…

Okay.  Everything will be okay.  Just as soon as these fleas, well… flee.