Since when is 11 months so grown up?

This morning, I was washing my hands in the bathroom next to Jane’s room.  I had been in her room less that two minutes before, and she was playing with her toys contentedly.  I heard some rustling and looked up in time to see her round the corner, crawling at lightning speed, saying “Mama!Mama!Mama!”  She has said “Mama” before, but it was so clear that she was looking for me… that she wanted me.  I teared up for just a second before I rewarded her efforts by scooping her up, tickling her and hanging her upside down–all of her favorite things.  I love this kid.  Every day brings something new.  Heck, sometimes every hour brings something new.

This afternoon, we were facing each other, playing with blocks on the living room floor.  Suddenly, she stood up (without holding on to anything at all!) and started dancing.  Then she sat back down.  WHAT?!?  The longest she has ever stood by herself was approximately 1.2 seconds.  And now she is dancing???  I guess one day she will just decide that she is going to walk…  I think that some day might be quickly approaching.

This evening, after we had come home from the YMCA, I was talking to my mom on the phone.  I looked over, and Jane was in the walk-in pantry, standing next to the shelves, trying to pull a banana off the bunch.  The kid not only told me she wanted a snack, she told me what she wanted for a snack.  Dang.

I think she might be trying to tell me she isn’t a baby anymore.  I won’t tell her she will always be MY baby (it drove me crazy  when I was a kid and my mom would say that to me)–but I’m not going to promise not to think it!  My sweet baby Jane…

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