Snort Snort Snort Snort

My 11 month old snorts.  She picked up this habit when she was about 7 months old, out of nowhere.  She snorts at random (sometimes, in the middle of breastfeeding, she will pause, look up at me beatifically–and snort); she snorts on command (simply uttering “snort” in her presence can start off a snorting episode).  She knows it is funny.  And I often snort back at her.  We hang out, snorting at each other, and I sometimes get really tickled… which makes her snort all the louder.  Amusing stuff.

So, here I am, freely admitting that I have encouraged this snorting.  And one of my primary reasons for encouraging it:  I knew it would drive my father-in-law nuts.  He likes a certain sense of decorum, one which snorting completely defies.  I love my father-in-law (really–I love him lots), but everyone in the family seems bent on pleasing him.  And, I–well, let’s just say I get a kick out of being the one that talks back, the one that teases him.  Hence teaching his lovely granddaughter to snort.

And tonight I got to enjoy the fruits of my labor.  Janie was playing with her toy, looking around to see who was paying attention, when she caught my eye.  I smiled, and she snorted.  My father-in-law immediately assured her that there was no need to make that strange noise again.  Her Nana, her Baba and I laughed.  Guess who she found more persuasive?  She was off in a fit of snorting like I have never seen.  I swear, the kid snorted for 15 minutes.  I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.  Her Nana and Baba were shaking with laughter.  And her Pop-Pop just kept admonishing all of us to stop laughing.  But every time the laughing would quiet down, Janie would snort again.  And her snorting just kept getting louder and louder.  Her poor Pop-Pop was beside himself.  Heh.

Yep, I think Snortfest ’12 might just go down as one of my prouder parenting moments…

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