Beginnings (2012 Edition)

I love New Year’s resolutions.  Maybe it’s because I am really into new beginnings.  Clean slates and all.

This year, I made 3 resolutions:

1) Write every day.  Here or in a journal.  Either counts.

2) Blah blah Jesus blah blah blah.

3) Get more organized.  I realize this one wins the vagueness award, but the problem is that I really don’t know how to be more organized.  Things just kick around in my mind, and I try to sort them as best I can.  I don’t keep a calendar (BIG mistake since having a kid).  I tend to work on several projects at once, and there is always one that I forget about until the very last minute.  I procrastinate.  I don’t even know where all my office supplies are, for goodness’ sake.

So, I guess I will take this one incrementally… use a trial and error approach.  Tomorrow, I am going to make a list of goals for the week.  First thing.  Over coffee even.  And, if Jane keeps in her new routine, I will starting my day at 4:45 a.m.  Hurrah!

Here’s to new beginnings.  Very organized beginnings.

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