Peace & Joy (10 Month Old Style)

Remember all the trouble we went to to get Jane’s picture taken in time for our Christmas cards?  Yeah.

Well, the cards came out great… but we don’t have enough of them.  So, we thought we’d just grab a cute shot of her in a dress in front of the tree and make some cards of our own.

Call me crazy, but this doesn’t really say “Tidings of Comfort & Joy” to me, you know?  It’s more like, “May the people in your life learn how to focus a camera properly and respect your personal boundaries regarding frilly dresses.  Amen.”  Those are the same thing, right?

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2 Comments on “Peace & Joy (10 Month Old Style)”

  1. I dunno; I think her expression perfectly captures how we all feel at some point in the holiday angst!

    Wonderful post! MJ

    • pensivepea Says:

      The picture still cracks me up. Poor thing just doesn’t get frazzled very often, but that dress pushed her right over the edge. I guess we all need to know where our boundaries are, right?

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