Grab You Some of Those Green Beans…

Is it green bean season?  Or did Publix over-buy, miscalculating Tampa’s exuberance for the green bean?  What is really going on?  Why was an entire bag of fresh green beans 65 cents?!?  I think they gave me the green beans for free and just charged me for the packaging and the pricing sticker.  65 cents?!?  So, yeah, yay for green beans!  We had them with Gardein Crispy Tenders (don’t even get me started on that deliciousness!) and sweet potatoes.  Hurray for easy, nutritious dinners when I am trying to meet an editing deadline.  Will I ever learn not to procrastinate?  The short answer to that is no.  No, I will not.  But green beans … yay!

After meeting my deadline, I promptly got sick.  Like I had been hit by a truck.  But I was only incapacitated for about 24 hours.  Today, I felt much better.  Better enough to make something quick for dinner (last night was take out for Ames & soup for me… sad trombone.)

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Mexican food?  (This seems like an non-sequitur, doesn’t it?) I love it so much that Amy once had to put a moratorium on Mexican food, because I asked for it every time we went out to eat.  Every time.  When I decided to become vegan (thanks, Forks Over Knives!), I thought Mexican food would be a complete loss.  I mean, wasn’t the cheese and sour cream the point?  Turns out… no.  I am still just as passionate about Mexican food as ever, but now I am a bit more adventuresome with my choices in hot sauces and salsas.  Sweet!  (Sometimes literally)

Tonight, we had black bean refried beans on corn/wheat tortillas topped with mushrooms & zucchini sauteed in olive oil and cumin.  I tossed some black olives and jalepenos on.  And then… then… the salsa.  Newman’s Own Peach Salsa.  Oh. my. stars.  The spicy sweetness of the peach salsa really pushed this meal into one of my new favorites.

That is all I have for you today… green beans and salsa.  But not together, okay?  We do have standards here at the Pensive Pea.

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