Picture Perfect Janie

Saturday morning found us heading to our local mall to have Janie’s pictures taken.  The portrait studios inundated us with coupons (FREE SITTING!  $3.99 portrait sheets! lots and lots of fine print!) when she was born, and we thought it high time to take them up on their offers.  Besides, we needed some decent shots of her for our Christmas cards, and the kid will not hold still.  Time to seek out the professionals.

We dressed Jane in a little black velvet number and stuck a bow in her hair–and that is when the shenanigans began.  She pulled that dang bow out every time I put it in.  And then she would pull at her hair some more, just to make sure the bow really wasn’t there anymore.  Because you know how tricky those bows can be.  The bow created such a fiasco that the photographer actually got photos of Jane pulling the bow out of her hair, accurately capturing how stubborn both mother and child can be.

But even before we got into the portrait studio, things began to get a bit squirrelly.  Maybe we didn’t look at Jane before we left the house, or maybe we were just scrutinizing a bit more closely, since her image would be immortalized momentarily… but suddenly we noticed that it looked like no one had brushed the back of her hair (or even tried to smooth it out), that she had some food on her cheek… and a booger in her nose, and… wait… was that oatmeal in  her hair?!?  I could feel my Mom of the Year prize slipping further away, as my booger-nosed kid did acrobatics in the lobby of the portrait studio, because we had forgotten to bring any toys to entertain her.


But all was not lost.  The photographer got some great shots, even though Jane was pretty committed to doing the opposite of everything the photographer asked.

Stand in this gift box?  Okay, I’ll sit.

Sit still on this red dot?  Okay, I’ll crawl toward you.

Hug this bear?  I rather just sit and stare into space, thank you.

But, honestly, I loved every minute of it.  Jane is a character, to be sure.  And some of the photos really capture what Amy and I get to see (and love) every day.  And, besides, I am not sure how much longer she will agree to velvet dresses.  Seize the day, you know?

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One Comment on “Picture Perfect Janie”

  1. Tobi-Dawne Says:

    As a photographer I have one suggestion… try an actual photographer next time. 😉 It will make a WORLD of difference. Forget those FAUXtography studios, find someone in your city who does on site work. You’ll be amazed by the difference that it makes – on both baby AND your stress levels (and, thus, the resulting images).

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