Unexpected Joys

The past couple days, Jane has been a crying, teething mess.  Apparently, it is tough to be 10 months old.

I wish I could say I have infinite patience.  I don’t.  Yesterday, I went to the YMCA more for the free babysitting than for the workout.  I just needed some time to breathe.


For the past couple days, every time I take her out of her car seat, she hugs me.  And not just a quick hug.  She hangs on to me for a bit.  We spend several minutes snuggled up in the car before we go about our business.  And each time, the hug catches me off guard, and I am amazed by this wonderful little girl I get to love.

Those hugs make even her bad days seem like a gift.

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One Comment on “Unexpected Joys”

  1. wearcute Says:

    I have a 10-months-old as well. It’s true – apparently it’s not easy to be a 10-months-old! 🙂

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