Rattlesteak Salad

Amy, Jane & I visited my parents for the Thanksgiving holiday.  As always, the entire trip revolved around food.  This isn’t usually a problem for me–hey, I like food.  But, being vegan has made going out to eat with my folks a bit stressful.  

On Wednesday night, I suggested sushi take-out, so I managed to avoid actually having to go to a restaurant until Friday night.   We decided on a local place that my parents and I love (Big Bear Brewing Company, if you happen to be kicking around Coral Springs, FL).  To be honest, I went into the meal figuring I would end up with a garden salad type number.  I hesitate to ask too many questions about the food when I am eating out with my dad.  He is easily embarrassed, which in turn makes me uncomfortable.  I would rather take the easy route and pick something I know is vegan.

I had just resigned myself to a generic salad, when Amy pointed out… the Rattlesteak Salad.  (Cue angels singing).  Check out the ingredients: soba noodles, mango, peanuts, mint , basil, tomato, arugula, spinach, avocado and peanut dressing.  Oh, and they threw on some La Choy-type chow mein noodles (which, according to my research are also vegan), for some added crunch.  Hello, delectable salad!  

I am not exaggerating (I swear!) when I say that this was the best salad I have ever had.  I was actually full when I finished it–probably because it was also the largest salad I have ever seen.  But I did eat it ALL (except for a tiny pile of peanuts that got passed over for a fry or two off my dad’s plate).  

I can’t wait to make this salad at home and to figure out how I can incorporate more soba noodles into my life.  Yum!

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