Dorkiness (with an athletic flair)

I recently got a Nike+ Sportband, which I used for the first time today.  Knowing how far I am running, without having to stay on a pre-planned course, makes me swoon.

I achieved a Personal Best at the Trout Creek (Squiggy Classic!) 5K.  29:51.  That is a 9:38 minute per mile pace (for those of you who give a flying fig).  Such a beautiful day.  Relatively flat course.  Always nice to be out in the woods. And I came in 24th in the Women’s Division, which meant I got a dykey looking hat that I will cherish for quite some time.  I had coveted the top 25 runner prizes at previous races… and now I have one!  SQUIGGY!

My 6.2 mile run on campus today left me feeling confident about the Strawberry Classic 10K this Saturday.  I mean, I am not going to break any records… but I can handle the distance without any issue.

Wow, I am such a dork about running.  Aw, hell… who am I kidding?  I am a dork about everything.

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One Comment on “Dorkiness (with an athletic flair)”

  1. Miss Kris Says:

    Are you spending all of your free time running instead of posting in your blog? I miss you!

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