Keep On Movin’, Don’t Stop…

Yesterday marked Day 1 of my cycle, the first one since the loss of Blat.  Tomorrow is the baseline sonogram (or ultrasound… honestly, I can never remember which is which).  Remarkably, I feel okay about these facts.

I think I feared I wouldn’t be ready… that I would feel rushed or pressured (by no one but myself, honestly).  But I don’t feel those things.  I do feel a urge to move forward.  My therapist pointed out that there isn’t much use dwelling on the loss of Blat.  I can still process those feelings while moving on with my plans (and my life).  I believe that to be true.  So, onward!

And, I am remarkably enthusiastic about this whole process (when I figured I would be kind of meh about it… okay, okay, I figured I would be really meh about it).  I guess what I have is hope.  It feels pretty good.

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One Comment on “Keep On Movin’, Don’t Stop…”

  1. Miss Kris Says:

    Moving forward is what helped me. Once we had decided that we were going to start trying again, I had something to look forward to. I think the only people who were surprised that we started trying again so soon after our loss were my dad & stepmom. Lots of love to you, sweetie.

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