Monkito may not be a church-goer, but she is always willing to listen to me rehash the sermon for her.  In fact, she always asks what church was about when I return home… which keeps me on my toes.  No daydreaming during the sermon for me.

When I came home from Ash Wednesday service, she wanted the low down about the sermon.  She had been at an Urban Charrette shindig, so we got to swap stories.  When it was my turn, I told her the sermon series for Lent was going to be based on the Beatitudes.

The what?  Be… what?  What did  you say?


Be-ATTITUDES??? Ha!  What is a Be-ATTITUDE?

Uh… are you serious?  You know, like in the Sermon on the Mount.


Well, tonight’s sermon was about the one that starts “Blessed are the poor…”

(interrupting) What do you mean blessed are the poor?  How can the poor be blessed?  That doesn’t even make any sense.

‘Kito, I feel a little bit like we are on a bad segment of a children’s Christian radio program, where the heathen kid is sent in to question the faithful Christian kid.  Seriously.

But it doesn’t make sense… it seems like… it seems counter-intuitive.

Cool, because the sermon series is called “The Transforming Paradox.”  Nifty how they did that, huh? Perhaps you should go with me.. you know, just during Lent and all.

No, seriously ‘Kito.  You should.


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