Why I Suck at Sick

I used to be a phenomenal sick person.  Seriously.  I could be completely content to lay around, do nothing and not feel a shred of guilt or a twinge of desire to be productive.

Alas, that person exists no more.

I started to feel bad last Wednesday night.  I conceded to taking a nap on Thursday afternoon, but I felt strange about it.  Lazy, perhaps.  Struggled a bit in classes on Friday, but managed to impart my knowledge upon them and grade some papers Friday afternoon.  Success!

Saturday morning found me well enough for a 6.6 mile run (my longest yet!).  But, afterward, I couldn’t quite shake this foggy feeling.  I felt groggy, like when I first wake up from a nap… ALL DAY.  Odd.  (Of course, it never occurred to me that I was still a bit sick and may have pushed my body too hard).

Sunday, I woke up at 6:30 am for the Flatwoods 4.  Look, I had already signed up for this race.  True, I didn’t feel in top form… but I spent the $25  registration fee, so there was no talking me out of going.  (Not that Monkito even tried.  She understands my various levels of insanity, and she knew that she should just let this one go).  I slammed down a cup of coffee and headed out the door… right into 32 degree weather.  Damn.

I am woefully unprepared to run in truly cold weather.  I live in FLORIDA.  The temperature here typically runs from mild to hotter than hell.  But, Sunday morning caught me standing at Flatwoods in sweatpants and one of those stinky, long-sleeve wicking numbers… in freezing temperatures.  Shit.

The first mile of the race found me frantically searching my brain for reasons to just pull over, call it a day and head home.  The cold weather caused me to suck in a lot of air when I started running (remember, unprepared to run in freezing temperatures), so my breathing was off.  I suck at setting my pace (and I don’t yet have a device to assist me with that), so I probably started out too quickly.  My nose ran so much that I finally stopped wiping away snot.  I jumped over limbs, dodged mud, skirted root systems…  and was surprised to suddenly realize (around mile 2) that I was almost having fun out there.

Entire sections of the road were underwater.  I almost lost my shoe in the mud.  But I finished.  And I did pretty well (for me).  Four miles of trail in 42:38.  Elated.  I always am, after a race (well, all three races I have run, anyway).

But, surprising only to me, this outdoor adventure marked the return of my cold, in full force.  I sneezed and fended off snot all day yesterday.  This morning I woke up feeling like an anvil was on my head.  Monkito and I conferenced quickly (and quietly) in bed and decided (after her reminding me repeatedly that everyone gets sick sometimes) that I should…. cancel classes.  ACK!

After sleeping for 12 hours and trying to do this thing called “resting” all day, I believe I am finally on the mend.  I feel so good that I might try to sneak in a run tomorrow, while Monkito is working.  Sh.  It will be our secret.

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