Not My Finest Moment (or maybe it was…)

Today I decided to push the limits and run five miles.  I haven’t run that far in about a year.  But today, my mood dictated the need for some intense physical challenge.

As I ran, I completely drew into myself… I was on cruise control.  And, suddenly, I looked up and realized I was running straight toward a middle school at afternoon release time (4:30 p.m. to be exact).  Shit.  I harbor an intense dislike for middle schoolers, having once been a middle schooler (and a complete jackass) myself.  But I was running right into a swarm of them.

Things happened quickly:  Four kids (3 boys and 1 girl) were walking side by side toward me.  I made eye contact with them.  They clearly had a silent agreement that they were not going to budge off of the sidewalk.  They expected me to go around them.  Bullshit.

So, I did what any grown woman who was running to avoid a complete meltdown would do:  I body checked the fourteen year old girl that was in my way.  I hit her hard enough that she spun around.  The shock on her boyfriend’s face is something I will carry close to my heart for quite some time.

And I kept on running.

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2 Comments on “Not My Finest Moment (or maybe it was…)”

  1. monkeymonkito Says:


  2. Miss Kris Says:

    She totally deserved it. I really hope she moves next time someone is walking/running on the sidewalk and needs to pass her.

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