There May Be Some Grumbling…

Sometimes people suck.  I realize this is not news.  But, the suckiness catches me off-guard sometimes.  Like, for instance, when I am at an AA meeting and someone decides to be petty and snappish.  And rude.  Did I mention rude?  RUDE.  I realize AA does not make folks immune to asshole-ism.  But, damn, did this person f*ck up my serenity.  Wouldn’t bitchiness fall into the realm of a character defect that she might want to work on?  Clearly not.  (grumble)

I resent her being on my resentment list… now I have to focus my attention on looking at my “part” in this and letting go of the situation… when she could have saved me a lot of trouble by not being such a damn bitch in the first place.

Whew… glad THAT is out in the open.

In other news… I am trying to assess the craziness of driving an hour to run a 5K on Sunday.  Sounds beautiful.  The weather will be as close to perfect as it gets.  And I have really wanted to do some trail running… Did I mention that I have an issue with spontenaeity?  (And yes, planning to do a 5K 4 days in advance is spontaneous for me. Shut it.)  I should just shut up and run, shouldn’t I?  Yeah, I think so, too.

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