Dear Body:

I fancy myself a rather patient person.  And I don’t like to bitch.  Really.

But what the f*ck, body?!?

First, you didn’t notice that you were supposed to begin the miscarriage process.  For a week I had to wait around to find out from someone else that I had miscarried.  You could have at least given me a hint.  But, I can overlook that as a rookie mistake on your part.

But now, cramps for a full seven days?!?  I get that you are pissed about the two doses of misoprostol.  Fine.  But let it go.  We all have our own cross to bear in this situation.  Cramping at me when I am just starting to feel better isn’t doing anyone any good.  We would all like to move on as best we can after the loss of Blat.  The constant reminder that he was there, but now he is gone, is, frankly, starting to piss me off.  So cut the cramping bullshit, okay?

I know I am supposed to be kind to you and let you heal.  I will do that, if you will stop kicking my ass with these cramps.

Love, Pea

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