Today, sitting at my computer entering quiz grades, it struck me:

I feel grounded.

I don’t feel knocked about by life.  I am not constantly hurdling through excessive highs and lows.  I just … am.

I always thought this kind of serenity sounded boring.  Where is the excitement?  The drama?  But, I find random things exciting.  Little things.  I laugh a lot.  But I don’t feel frantic when I don’t get what I want, or even what I think I need.

I wondered today if I was numb.  You know, maybe I should be sadder about Blat.  Maybe I should be angry.  What if I am not processing?

But, truthfully, I am simply being honest with myself about how I feel.  I cry when I need to.  But I no longer need the drama to validate my feelings.  I can just feel them… and let them go.  No need to hang on and flail about.  Just move through them.

Hm… on second thought, I think I have identified the problem:  I am watching too much Biggest Loser.  I am channeling Jillian Michaels’ philosophy.  Well, I guess things could be worse… think I can get a major in Armchair Psychology?  Clearly, I am working it like a champ.

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One Comment on “Grounded”

  1. monkeymonkito Says:

    Ohmigod with Jillian.

    Otherwise, I agree — Grounded is a good place.

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