We Are Having What?

On Tuesdays, Monkito and I usually head to her parents’ house for dinner.  Dinner at the parents’ is a win-win.  I like her parents, AND I don’t have to cook on Tuesdays.  Sweet.  And, after a period of adjustment, her mom copes relatively well with the vegetarian “issue.”  (Yes, for Monkito’s mom, it IS an issue)  She is a pretty good cook, so it is fun to see what she comes up with to feed us troublesome vegetarians.  And, after every meal, her dad looks at her mom and says, “Babs, that was a fine vegetarian meal.”  Every time.  Funny stuff.

Last Tuesday, we walked in and Babs announced, “We are having peas and potatoes.  I am not sure Pea even likes peas and potatoes, but we are having it anyway!”

The scene swirled on around me, without me having to answer at all.  And the fact is, it doesn’t matter whether I like peas and potatoes.  It is Monkito’s grandmother’s dish… the whole family loves it, even if I do not.  And I emphatically DO NOT.

Let me explain peas and potatoes:  red potatoes (cubed), thickened milk gravy, and peas.  That is it.  Spices?  No.  Pepper?  No.  Salt?  No.  Please don’t get me wrong.  Peas and potatoes is not gross.  It cannot BE gross, because it doesn’t taste like ANYTHING.  Oh, wait.  I am sorry.  That does a disservice to the peas.  It tastes like nothing… with peas.

But Monkito and her family LOVE it.  LOVE.  They get so excited when it is peas & potatoes night… her aunt even came over for dinner, just because we were having it.

I just scratch my head and eat it anyway.  Because, to them, peas and potatoes means home, family and memories.  And it is hard to argue with that.

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