Pea + Monkito = True Love 4ever

Monkito completely stole my heart when I met her.  Sappy, yet true.  Regardless of which version of “the meeting” I were to tell you (long or short), it becomes immediately apparent that I was a smitten kitten from the beginning.  I always had that heart-skipping excitement when I thought about her.  I wanted her–her time, her attention, her affection–and I knew that we belonged together.

I was right.  Totally dig when I am right.

But the crazy part is that, almost 6 and 1/2 years after she first asked me if I wanted to make out outside of a dive bar in Tampa (it was her way of saying she liked me–it was endearing, really), I am more intrigued by her, more delightfully in love with her than I ever imagined possible.

The past two weeks have been tough on Monkito and I.  Losing Blat meant losing a dream that had brought us closer together.  Honestly, I was afraid that our hurt and frustration would drive a wedge between us.

Instead, she has shown me that I can rely on her when my hope has flagged…she makes me laugh… she makes me forget, for a while at least, that this hurts.  She asks the right questions.  She listens to my rants.  She searches for the right thing to do (and, against all odds, she seems to find it).

She surprises me.  Just when I thought I couldn’t love her any more than I already do, she gives me yet another reason to fall for her all over again.

I am a lucky girl.  Truly.

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