Back to Rehab (but just for dinner)

On Sunday, at the local drug and alcohol treatment center, I frequent an event called “Sponsor Dinner.”  I am on sponsee number two from said treatment center.  The first went “out” (as we like to say) about one week after she left treatment.  I am banking on better odds with the current sponsee.

Anyway, back to dinner… the girls in one of the apartments cook dinner for all the girls and any sponsors that show up.  I arrive at 5:30, work with my sponsee for an hour… then,  at 6:30, the dinner fairy knocks on the door to tell us to come eat.  Um… awesome.  Think of it as a big family of 10-15 women, sitting on the floor, on couches, on skateboards, just wherever… eating together.  Lots of storytelling.  Sometimes I field questions… about my life, my job, my sobriety.  Sometimes I just listen to the girls talk about the children, husbands, animals and plants they have left behind.  Mostly there is laughter and a lot of intensity about the food.  These girls love food.

At Sponsor Dinner, I have been served tacos, cheese lasagna, lots of yellow rice (it goes with everything, apparently), spaghetti and enchiladas.  At my first dinner, I just ate salad, because no one knew I was a quasi-vegetarian (yes, I still eat fish.  Shut it).  Ever since, they have made veggie stuff just for me.

And, during the three weeks or so that I wasn’t sponsoring anyone at the center, you better believe that I missed eating dinner with those girls.  So, now you know where you can find me on Sunday night.  Tonight, there was even chocolate cake.

Being an alcoholic has some weird privileges.  Sponsor Dinner is one of my favorites.

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