On the positive side…

Seems I have finally learned how to handle shitty situations like a rational human being.

Case in point:

I find out from a doctor, who comes up relatively short on compassion, that Blat may not make it.  He leaves me emotionally wounded and bleeding (physically) in the exam room alone.  I now have to wait one full week to find out if my long anticipated, much desired pregnancy will last more than seven weeks.  This situation defines shitty.

My typical response to any sort of trauma used to be to a) create as much drama for those around me as possible, to ensure they could really feel my misery, b) to withdraw from life (not to got to work, refuse to do school work, etc), and c) get wasted so as not to have to experience any pain (at least until the hangover the next day).

My response to the news about Blat was a) to call my best friend and sister, to let them know what was going on.  Both conversations included both me tearing up and me laughing, b)  to spiritually reconnect… since acting petulant with God when I don’t get my way is unlikely to either engender a miracle or provide me much comfort, and c) to go to an AA meeting, listen and be a part of the community.

So drama-free.  Could this be growth?  I think it is.  I really, really do.

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2 Comments on “On the positive side…”

  1. monkeymonkito Says:

    No question about it.

  2. Miss Kris Says:

    My thoughts are with you, Monkito and Blat. Hang in there, little Blat.

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