Remember the last time I went to the doctor?  You know, the scraping of the cervix, feeling the speculum tickle my tonsils?  Yeah.

Today’s visit definitely trumped the last.  But I guess ultrasounds are inherently more fun when the doctor is looking for a baby (in its teeny-ist stage).  And, what do you know… we found a baby!

Okay, okay… so it is barely more than a blastocyst.  But it is there… complete with flickering heartbeat and all (we could only see it–still to early to hear).

We are calling him (or her) Blat.  Just for now.  Blat based on my mispronunciation of blastocyst (I mispronounce a surprising amount of words for an English major).  I promise we will give him (or her) a real name once he draws a breath.  But, at only 6 weeks and 4 days gestation, Blat it is.

Now, if you know me, then you realize that I am excited… but guardedly so.  I am reserving full blown jubilation for after the first trimester.  But, you, well you can be as excited as you’d like.

I go back in two weeks for another ultrasound before the fertility doctor releases me to a regular OB.  If you are the praying sort, Blat, Monkito and I will take all the prayers we can get.  And, if not… just send Blat some good, healthy vibes.

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2 Comments on “Blat”

  1. Miss Kris Says:

    Girl! I cannot believe you didn’t tell me in the email you just sent me! I am so excited for you two; you are going to be terrific parents!

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