No Need to Bow

Part of my job responsibilites this semester include co-editing the new textbook for ENC 1101.  We have an existing textbook that I contributed to/edited last year… I think it a solid textbook, if I do say so myself.  So my co-editor and I opted to work with what we already have, making changes and adding material, instead of starting from scratch.

I began going through the reading selections today, making notes about what can be salvaged and what needs to be dumped.  Keep in mind that I had only read the pieces that I assigned to my class up to this point (which should answer any lingering questions you may have had regarding whether or not professors memorize the textbook).

I ran across at least one piece that seems to have no connection at all to the theme of the textbook or of the class as a whole.  At least two of the pieces were on a graduate level–or at the very least, upper-classmen (I teach freshmen).  One of the pieces was 30 pages long.  Good God Almighty!  Thirty pages???  I can’t imagine how many of the new teachers ended up assigning one of these pieces, only to be torn to shreds by angry freshmen that couldn’t comprehend the reading or simply gave up halfway through.

Before today, I was unsure that the textbook really needed to be revised.  Today, well, today I became a believer.  You may call me Editor-in-Chief Pea, from here on out.

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