And the Learning Never Stops…

Things I have learned today:

1)  My best friend did not die in a mudslide in Brazil.  Even better, I knew nothing of the mudslide until she told me about it this morning, from the saftey of her living room in the ATL.  New on my list of random worries:  mudslides.

2)  When La Creperia says they add a “pinch” of crushed red pepper to their Atomic Crepe, they LIE.  Crushed red pepper infiltrated every inch of my crepe.  Scorching hot.  I loved it.

3)  The Farmers Market in Ybor is probably best taken when not stuffed with Atomic Crepe.  Apples, cucumber, sweet potatoes and avacado managed to make it into the basket.  Total = $6.03.  I am holding out great hope for the organic apples (Gala, of course).  I do love an apple.

4)  No one works at Ikea.  We wandered around for well over an hour and bought a new headboard, and I swear we only saw two employees the entire time.  Craziness.  The kids stuff there falls into the super-cute range, by the way.  If I were a kid, I would totally want my entire room furnished from there.  But, alas, we bought an adult headboard, since we are both too tall for the kids’ furniture (yes, even I am too tall).

5)  If one were to, say, take a 2.5 hour nap… one would wake up and wonder where the HELL the day went.  Good thing I don’t go back to work until January 11th, since I am just burning daylight over here!

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