Do you think….?

Right as I was finishing my lunch, a student walked into my office.

“I would like to talk about my grade.”

Okay, I think… talk. All of their papers have been submitted and await grading.  There is nothing that can be done about this child’s grade at this point.   But I want her to, you know, feel heard and all.  “Okay,” I say aloud.

“Well… do you think I am going to pass?  I mean, if you were to…”

“I am not going to average your grade for you.  You can either look the percentages up on the syllabus and take a stab at averaging the grade yourself, or you can wait for me to change the grade weights online and then BlackBoard will average it for you.”

“Well….do you think I can get a C?  I mean, I think you forgot to mark one of my quizzes in your gradebook…”

“I will certainly check into the missing quiz, but that is the least of your concerns.  You missed class AGAIN today.  That is going to  hurt your grade.  Right now, your absences mean that you will lose 2/3 a letter grade off of your final grade.”


“Um… do you mean if I had a C….”

“If you had a C, your absences would make that a D+.  A D+ is a failing grade.  You would have to take the course again.”


“Well…. I mean, I was wondering if you took attendance every day, because I have a friend in your class, and he has missed class, but you told him he didn’t have any absences….”

My turn to blink.

“No, I have not taken attendance every day.  But that worked in your favor TODAY when you missed class and I didn’t take attendance.  If I had taken attendance, you would lose a full letter grade off of your final grade.”

“So you didn’t take attendance every day?  I mean, I am not trying to get out of anything…”

Oh my good Lord in heaven.  Jesus Christ Almighty, give me patience with this child.

“You know, at this point, fretting about your grade isn’t going to help you.  Just concentrate on writing a quality Learning Philosophy, since that is the last assignment you have to turn in for this class.  Focus on that, okay?”

“Um… so you think I might be able to pass?”

Jesus Christ, help me.

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