Stop Looking at Me

On Sunday,  I suggested Monkito and I go for a walk.  This would not be noteworthy, except Monkito always declines my invitations for walks.  In fact, she sneers at walks.  But on Sunday, she said, “Sure.”


I happily donned my walking shoes (which have been so loved that they are developing holes) and bounded outside.  I walked along and chattered at Monkito, while she rubbed her eyes and told me that this walk had fallen right during her nap time.


She began to perk up as the walk went on… and I continued to be super-hyped that we were outside, in the beautiful 67 degree weather, WALKING.

I did notice, though, that people seemed to be staring at us.  At first, I thought I was just making things up.  But, no… the people in their cars were looking at us with a sort of curiosity.

I turned to Monkito.  “People are staring at us.  Do we look fun…”  I stopped.

“Oh my God.  People are staring at us because you DO look funny!”  And, indeed, she did.  She was wearing a button down dress shirt with her Nike workout pants and walking shoes.

And she found nothing strange about that at all.

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One Comment on “Stop Looking at Me”

  1. Miss Kris Says:

    Was she also wearing a baseball cap?

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