Turkey Day (sans turkey)

I totally flaked on my efforts to blog once a day in November.  Thanksgiving rolled around and *POOF*, I totally forgot to blog.  Not like I didn’t have time.  Not like I remembered but didn’t feel like it.  I totally forgot.  Oops.  Hope y’all did okay without my moment to moment update on the Monkito/Pea holiday adventures.

After this weekend, I look at Monkito with new respect.  She spent almost 48 hours with my parents … without complaint. Not one whimper.  Not even when I thought her eardrums might start bleeding from the constant chatter.  And my dad seemed so genuinely pleased to have her around.  Every time Monkito seemed to be missing, I found her watching TV with Doggie.  And, trust me, Doggie needs someone in his corner–he puts up with a lot of aggravation on a regular basis (good-natured aggravation… but still…).

A lovely holiday weekend, all in all.  Now, of course, I am way behind on all my work… but what would the end of the semester be without some stress, right?

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