I embrace routine.  I realize that makes me sound like quite a bore… (I think you would actually find me quite charming and rather animated) but I really do function better on a schedule.

This morning, my schedule went to hell in a handbasket.  My day has been topsy-turvy since then.

Late yesterday afternoon, I found out that I needed to be at a doctor appointment at 7:15 a.m. on the other side of town from where Monkito and I dwell.  Any time before 8 a.m. seems ungodly to me.  But whatever.  So, before I even had any coffee this morning, the ultrasound tech was waving a wand up my … ahem… checking for aliens and making sure we can start the drug cycle.

No aliens!  No cysts!  Go drugs!

At 8 a.m., I sat in the parking lot of Starbucks, yammering at my best friend.  Then, I got the privilege of sipping a grande, non-fat latte and munching on a berry coffee cake outside in the breezy South Florida morning.  Hey, I never claimed not to live a good life.

After that… well, I snuck in a nap.  A glorious, bed-all-to-myself, snuggle-down-into-the-covers nap.

Then off to a noon AA meeting.  A homophobic, noon AA meeting.  No, don’t read it again… you read it right the first time.

One man referred to Wilton Manors (the gay section of Ft. Lauderdale) as a “disease.”  Another man blatently called someone a faggot.

AWKWARD.  I mean, what is one to do in that situation?  Hell if I know.  I just mentally checked off that meeting as one I don’t need to frequent (you know, cuz they don’t like my kind).

I shook off the homophobia and hopped over to the grocery to buy some food to donate to Metropolitan Ministries for Thanksgiving.  Definitely the highlight of my day.  I get such a strong feeling of goodwill… and of hope… from being at Metropolitan Ministries over the holidays.  I am looking forward to my volunteer stint there over winter break.

And, to round out my slightly bizzare-o day… my sponsee who I have not heard from in 5 days called me tonight.  She left a message.  I am not sure what is up with that little cat… but I am awfully glad she is alive.  True story.

See, topsy turvy.  Can’t wait to see how the rest of the holiday week unfolds!

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