Tonight during class, one of my students presented an article about children raised by same-sex parents.  I am not out to these students, since they attend a Catholic university… so, I knew that this conversation could take an ugly turn.

Turns out that the guy who presented the article completely supports the rights of same-sex parents (go nice straight guy!).  He even went so far as to assert that denying gays the right to marry harmed their children.  So take that DOMA!

However, a woman in my class, who I struggle with each week (I try to be nice.  She tries to irritate me.  She almost always wins) decided to pipe up.

“But the state SHOULD be concerned about the welfare of those kids.  They need to know that they are being properly cared for.”

I had held my tongue until this point… but my head spun around on that one.

“Oh, so we are going to start sending people to check up on everyone that has kids?  Because I have seen some straight parents pull some dumb shit.”

Oops.  Did I say that out loud?  Yep. I guess my threshold for stupidity had been crossed.

At least I got a laugh out of the class (except the same woman that continued to try to defend her point by talking over everyone).  By the final stretch of a 14 hour day, I can barely keep my shit together, much less present intelligent counter-points in a debate.  She was lucky I didn’t get all Jerry Springer on her ass.

Alright, that would never happen… but it was a funny mental picture.  It’s the small things, folks.  It’s the small things.

Gratitude=calling my sponsee after teaching for four hours, when all I really wanted was to listen to the silence in my car.

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