A Week in the Life

Today marked the final day of student conferences for the semester. Thank God I love my students, because this week was one-on-one overload. Some of the highlights:

One girl, after our discussion of her work on Project 3, proceeded to shoot the sh*t with me for fifteen minutes until my next appointment showed up… she was bored, you see. Ennui runs deep in these kids.

Another student stared at me the entire conference. Except for “uh huh,” she uttered not one word. Awkward.

I met one girl’s boyfriend (she brought him with her to the bookstore, but shooed him away for her actual conference).

Another kid rehashed his donating plasma debacle (which we had bantered about in class the week before).

Several of my students played a prank on one of their friends (who is also in my class), telling him that the day he missed class we did an in-class assignment worth 50% of their grade… and there are no make-ups. This kid is freaking out but won’t ask me about it… guess he should have come to class.

I found out that several of my students plan to take one of my 1102 sections in the Spring (a rather hearty compliment).

And, finally, I determined that any sane person can be driven to the brink by Barnes & Noble playing the same CD on a loop. Pick another damn cd! That’s all I am saying.

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