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Monkito doesn’t like to have her picture taken.  Me, I ham it up for the camera whenever possible.  But we all know I behave like a fruitcake half the time.  I respect Monkito’s dislike of the camera, but there are certain times that pictures can’t be avoided.  Yesterday was just one of those days:  Picture Day at work.  Monkito’s worst nightmare.

I did what I could to ease her pain.  I washed all of her favorite work shirts, so she would have a wide array of choices on Picture Day.  I told her (quite truthfully) that she looked adorable (hmm… maybe she was going for suave or classically composed, instead of adorable?  Hard to tell).  But then, I had to send her on her way.  She had to face Picture Day alone.

As anticipated, she hated the pictures the photographer took.

Pea, my head looked like it had just come out of the birth tunnel… it was all distorted off to one side.

I barely heard the end of her sentence through my peals of aughter.

The WHAT??  It is a birth canal… not a tunnel!  Dude, you totally need an anatomy lesson.  A tunnel!  Ha!  And, fyi, your head is NOT distorted to one side.  Don’t you think I would have noticed by now?  A tunnel!  AWESOME!

So, it turns out that the birth tunnel subverted the horror of Picture Day.  I totally launched into my banter about making babies and storks and Volvos.  And, just like that, Picture Day forgotten!   Ahh, the miraculous powers of the female reproductive system.

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2 Comments on “Picture Pages”

  1. monkeymonkito Says:

    Apparently in the movie version of the Pensive Pea, I will be played by a toddler.

  2. Miss Kris Says:

    Love it. LOVE IT!

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