Being awake at 12:54 a.m. makes it on my “rarely ever happens anymore” list.  Yet, here I am. Awake.

  • Went for a run on Tuesday (first time in 3 weeks… damn this trying to get pregnant shit).  Managed to suck a bug (or a booger–not really sure which) down my throat.  Choked a bit, but kept running!  My time sucked.  But I ran a 5K, the whole way, so we will count that as a minor victory.  My feet are a bit mangled currently.  My new running shoes (that the running shoe guys promised me were comparable to my old shoes) don’t have great arch support.  I need inserts, it seems.  Right now there is a lump protruding from my arch.  Possibly a pulled muscle?  The lady at Peter Glenn seems to believe inserts are the answer.  I will try.  They are cheaper than new running shoes.  Oh, and if you put inserts in your running shoes without taking out the existing padding, your foot will be too high in the shoe, which will give you a wicked blister, the likes of which you have never seen.  Just hypothetically.
  • Monkito took the day off today, kind of like a bonus Saturday during the work week!  We rode the bikes to breakfast, to the bookstore and then to lunch.  Totally dig that Monkito.
  • I still managed to grade an entire class of papers today, even after all of the frivolous fun.  The average grade is a 77%.  It is now after 1 a.m.  I just finished grading. Fun facts.
  • Tonight we discussed Tradition 10 at the meeting:  A.A. does not engage in any controversy regarding outside issues.  My thoughts:  Thank God A.A. isn’t into telling people what to think.  I was a bit afraid maybe A.A. was a cult when I first walked in.  If they had started barking orders about what I was supposed to think (about politics, about God, about ANYTHING), I would have walked right back out.  Instead, they just focused on telling me how to live my life so a drink wouldn’t be so tempting anymore.  And it worked.  See, those traditions are worth something.

This concludes the section of the program where the Pensive Pea procrastinates about GOING TO BED.  Night, y’all.

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