Monkito loves bikes.  She routinely searches CraigsList and God-knows-where-else for good deals on quality bicycles.  This obsession pays off, as evidenced by my 1980s Trek 12-speed (in pristine condition) and her 1960s English 3 speed (which she adores to a fault).  Last Spring, we biked multiple times per week, to the grocery store, to dinner, around the neighborhood.

And then… Summer decended upon us.

Monkito does not love the weather in Florida.  Summer is too long.  Fall and Spring are way too short.  Frankly, she bitches a lot about the heat.  So, when the weather cooled off this weekend (into the 60s!), I knew she would be hyped.  Talks of long bike rides in the cool evenings have sustained her through this unusually long summer we have endured.

So, tonight, when I reached a stopping point in my attempt at organizing myself and my endeavors, I wandered back to Monkito’s room to ask if she wanted to go on a short bike ride.  Indeed.

We meandered down our street on our bikes.  I noticed Monkito wasn’t exclaiming about the glorious Fall weather.  Or extolling the virtues of her bike.  Or ponificating about “the perfect bike” (criteria subject to change).

“Pea….  I am cold.”  Yeah, she had on shorts.

After months of anticipating Fall, our first Fall bike ride lasted for five minutes.  And there you have The Shortest Bike Ride Ever, brought to you by Monkito, who can never seem to remember to match her clothes to the weather outside.

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3 Comments on “Short”

  1. M. Monkito Says:

    You left out the part where you were out of town most of the weekend, leaving only the crumbs of the sun-already-down Sunday evening for biking.


  2. Miss Kris Says:

    Do you ride in the rain? Do you have different bikes depending on the weather?

  3. M. Monkito Says:

    It is fun to ride in a light rain and we each have bikes that are appropriate. Unfortunately, when it is raining here it is usually lightning and that is not fun, nor safe. So, no, not much rain riding.

    We each have a cruiser, a single speed mountain bike, a road bike and a favorite everyday ride (mentioned in the post).

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