Notes from a Day

Today began just fine.Long walk to school, sun just warming up to full strength. Laughing with my students about tumbles off skateboards and upcoming football games.

And then, like a hungry shark that has forgotten that fish are friends, discussion about final drafts and—gasp!—grades swallowed the frivolous mood. Blank stares. Jokes falling like ice cream on a sidewalk in the summer heat. Trade jovial classroom moments for students agonizing over my appraisal of their progress. But progress can’t be made without effort, an equation they have yet to solve.

Called in to the boss’ office, anticipating disappointment in his choice for a prized position. Can’t be me, not just me at least. An adjunct. Pearls cannot be cast at me… Perhaps I will settle for sharing a pearl? And this, this effort, the wrangling of schedules and students, the soul poured into cracking open a window of their minds, to let in some thought, some room for expression… in vain. Wasted talents. Questions about my ambitions, my desire to become fully participatory in this endless quest for knowledge. Combative implications about my career versus silly domestic notions.

Today began just fine. Now, it would be fine with me if today just took its leave.

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One Comment on “Notes from a Day”

  1. M. Monkito Says:

    It’s interesting how a Nemo reference comes up in your “I had a terrible day” post.

    He is a nice fish. And he’s lost. Can’t you please just cut him a break?

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