A Pox Upon… The Pox

As I see one student after another in an endless stream of student conferences, I want to take this moment to admit that I am battling The Sad.  Seems that, once again, we are going to have to delay insemination (thereby delaying the possibility of actually having a child) for another two months while I get vaccinated against the chicken pox.

That is gay (wait, I can say something is gay because I am gay, right?  Right. Just go with it).

Firstly*, who doesn’t have the damn chicken pox as a kid?  Me.

Secondly**, who gets vaccinated (albeit not in the fashion currently recommended by the CDC) and still doesn’t develop an immunity? Me.

I realize this ranks as a small disappointment in the big scheme of the lesbian conception rigmarole.  But, as I am stuck in the school bookstore coffee shop reading draft after draft of my students’ papers, this disappointment feels monumental.  Probably because I felt really positive about this cycle… really excited that things were going to work out.

True, I don’t want to go into a much desired pregnancy dreading that someone I know will come down with chicken pox over the next 9 months. (Did you know that if a non-immune person comes in contact with someone who has the chickenpox, they stand a 90% chance of contracting said pox?  90%!)  And I would never make a choice that would put our unborn child at risk.  But…

I am offering up a big f*ck you to the chicken pox.  So there, stupid pox.

*Just kidding about the “firstly” thing.  My students do that, and it makes my eyes roll back in my head.

**TOTALLY kidding about “secondly.”

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One Comment on “A Pox Upon… The Pox”

  1. M. Monkito Says:

    Thirdly, Chicken Pox can SUCK IT.

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