I have always wondered what it would be like to be locked in my office for a few hours while a crazy gunman skulked across campus…

Yeah… turns out that gunmen are scary.  Especially when accompanied by a bomb threat in the library (next door to my building). And please don’t even get me started about the knife-wielding man with the puppy.  Yep, we got all brands of crazy on our campus.

And being locked in one’s office, while reassuring on some levels, turns a bit uncomfortable after a 16 oz latte and a bottle of water.

Also duly noted:  local news stations relay information more quickly than the university itself.  So those of us on campus had to log on to a news website to get updates on the situation that was unfolding on the grounds of our institution of higher panic learning.  Twitter also had a stream of running commentary, most of which was interesting, little of which seemed reliable.

So, there I was, stuck in my office with five co-workers.  I was the worrywart, the one being VERY SERIOUS about the whole deal.  Call me crazy, but staying in my locked office and avoiding gunfire ranked high on my list of things to do. Therefore, any breach of “security” (read: opening the locked office door) resulted in a severe tongue-lashing for the perpetrator.  I just wanted everyone to stay put for f*ck’s sake.  Exasperated doesn’t even begin to describe my state of being by the time they finally gave the all-clear.

But here I am, still alive and well.  I survived my first campus lockdown.  Think they make a t-shirt for that?

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