Autumn Evening

The arrival of October suddenly makes me feel Autumn settling in.  Feels cozy.  Like a sweater (which I won’t get to wear until at least mid-November) and a cup of hot chocolate (which, thanks to the cool front, I will be enjoying this evening).

Autumn is Summer’s more put-together cousin.  Summer has always been frivolous, with her sun-streaked late evenings and weekend trips to the beach.  Autumn is not without her fun (Halloween!  Thanksgiving!), but she is studious, with horn-rimmed glasses and her hair  in a sensible bun.  Perhaps Autumn will guide me toward more intellectual pursuits … or, truth be told, perhaps I will just have more focus.  I realized tonight that I am reading four books… AT THE SAME TIME.  This simply will not do.  I am a monogamous bibliophile… this polyamory, with its multiple plotlines and competing scholarly works, has got to go.

Besides, I just accepted an additional teaching position at a campus nearby, and if I don’t reign in my flighty attention span, it is going to be anarchy over here.  I am excited about the new position.   There will be 7 students in my class.  And I will get to play with four hour class periods… dividing them up into class activities, discussions, workshop.  I need experience teaching in a larger timeframe (I usually teach 50 minute classes), so this will really allow me to develop some innovative lesson plans and hopefully really foster a sense of community for the students.  And this class adds one more experience to a resume that is starting to look pretty damn decent.  Who knew I would hit my career stride at 34?

Alright, hot chocolate and History: A Very Short Introduction ( by John H. Arnold) beckon… Enjoy the autumn ambiance.

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