A Smattering of Thoughts

Saturday’s football fiasco still has my head spinning.  My mind cannot compute how FSU lost to USF.  But, honestly, with FSU’s pathetic performance, I remain amazed that the Bulls only won by 10 points.

Moving on from that unpleasantness…

What kind of barista, when asked to make a grande latte in a personal mug, pours in two shots of espresso and as much milk as will fit in the mug?  Regardless of the fact that the mug clearly holds more than 16 oz.  My latte this afternoon resembled warm milk with essence of coffee.  The remedy?  I had to pay for another shot of espresso.  But, hey, at least it tasted like a latte then.  What is an extra shot among friends, right?

Speaking of shots… I ran into an aquaintence from AA tonight at yoga.  She remembered that I have an anniversary coming up.  I am genuinely and deeply pleased to have continued to make choices that have brought me through the past year sober.  Although, for the first time in about 10 months, I wish I had a sponsor to give me my year medallion.  But, alas, the sponsor gig never worked out for me.  And, honestly, I am not a huge believer in the way the sponsor/sponsee relationships in AA are handled… So, the medallion will be presented by someone from my home group.  And there will probably be cake!  Which totally makes everything awesome.

Among the not-awesome, however, is my students’ performance on their first paper.  No one is happy in composition land right now… not me and certainly not them.  Can’t wait to move on to the next project, though.  Anything will be better than the annotated bibliographies… right?  Please say “right.”  Please?

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2 Comments on “A Smattering of Thoughts”

  1. M. Monkito Says:


  2. Miss Kris Says:

    One year! Awesomeness! I am proud of you, Kik. I love you.

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