Don’t Fear the Bullets

Just finished grading an entire class of papers in one day.  I am all sorts of wound up and have no one to chatter to… oh, but wait!  There you are right there!  (Yeah, you)…ah, the joys of having an online audience to charm with my wit and candor.

I will now regale you with bullets (sounds so violent, no?):

  • The past two weeks have been insanely hectic.  Honestly, I kind of dug it.  The more active I am, generally the happier I am.
  • But, dude, the house is a wreck… cleaning is just never my first priority.  I envy people who keep a tidy house.  Mine resembles something a tornado just ran through… all the time.  I keep hoping I will grow into a tidy phase.  Hope is waning…
  • The Magic Kingdom for my birthday goes down as one of the best ideas ever.  I got in free (birthdays are free in 2009).  The crowds were tamed by the Tuesdayness.  We didn’t have to wait in line for more than five minutes for anything.  And I encountered very few people I considered a blight on humanity.  All in all, a great trip to visit the mouse.
  • If you are ever at Disney, do NOT get a veggie burger.  I am warning you.  It resembles pureed veggies smushed up into a patty and warmed.  I saw a piece of broccoli in my veggie burger.  That is revolting.
  • My students largely failed their first assignment.  I am standing my ground.  They must learn to follow directions and to read critically.  Perhaps a failing grade will catch their attention.  Unfortunately, it will most likely activate their whining capabilities.  I need to remember to buy earplugs.
  • I am dogsitting a precious pit bull.  We are going on a walk tomorrow.  Please do not mention this to the pit bull who lives at my house, as she does not get walks, although she really loves them.  This is directly related to the boxer’s tendency to lay down in the middle of a walk and refuse to get up.  But I can’t walk the pit without the boxer; the boxer goes into complete meltdown mode if I try to leave her behind.  So, the dogsat dog is the proud recipient of a walk tomorrow, while my two dogs stand at the window wondering when I will be home.
  • I think I am finally tired enough to try some sleep.  Will be up at 6:30 for a run in the morning.
  • Go Noles!
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