In which I am excitable…

When I first quit drinking, I really felt as though I had nothing to say.  I knew my life was more managable, more liveable… but my wit seemed to have forsaken me.  I struggled to find any deep thoughts that existed outside of the bottom of my Oberon pint.  And, trust me, it was a struggle.  Kind of like living in sawdust… not much interesting to say about sawdust, really.

And now, now folks… everything is interesting.  And vivid.  And real.  All of it must be explored.  So many, many things to think about, to turn over in my mind.  And books!  Oh my God at the books that need to be read.  Because there are ideas!  In the books!  I must know about these ideas.  Even more importantly, I must dissect these ideas, hold them up for inspection…

And then, on to yoga!  Oh the yoga.  And the meditative contemplation…

And the coffee!  There is so much coffee to be had!  Even decaf coffee is exquisite.

Sometimes I find life almost overwhelming… the sensory experiences, the emotions (neither dulled nor enhanced by substances), the wonder and the choices that must be made every day about how I will live my life and how I will greet the world.

The sawdust has lifted, my friends.

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