I’m Only Happy When It Rains…

I always associated writers’ block with wanting to write about something and finding the words stuck.  What is this white noise filling my brain called?  In theory, I want to write.  I just don’t seem to have anything interesting to say.  Summer has whittled down the cast of characters in my life dramatically.  So much easier to come up with fodder for a blog when 88 college freshmen are clamoring about constantly.

Despite the radio (blog) silence, summer is every bit as glorious as I assumed it would be.  Slowly (so slowly that sometimes the progress is almost unnoticable), the house is becoming cleaner.  On a daily basis at work, I am asked how our freshman writing program could be better… and my input is valued!  The projects and the reader for fall classes are coming together… with my stellar (and sometimes really lackluster) contributions.  And I spend the majority of my days with my two closest work friends.  We find each other riotously amusing, and sometimes there is even gratuitous talk of boobs.  Sweet.

The constant, unrelenting rain has been a downer.  I haven’t run or biked as much as I would have liked.  I did manage a 8 mile trek out to Westchase, where I stopped and had a Chocolate/Banana Vivanno at Starbucks.  Definitely kept me from starving to death… but kind of tasted like someone dropped a chocolate candy with whipped fruit filling (think Whitman’s Sampler) into a blender.  Huh.  I was thankful for the nourishment on the 8 mile ride back, though.  I swear, the wind was gusting directly in my face at 10 mph, which meant I was then maintaining a net speed of 5 mph.  At one point I thought, “Shit, I could walk faster than this.”  But, refusing to admit defeat, I pressed on.  Finally made it back to the ‘hood, where I began playing with my gears and immediately knocked the chain off.  I am awesome.  But I did manage to get the chain back on by myself (this would usually fall squarely into Monkito’s list of duties, but since she wasn’t there, I fended for myself).  I cruised back home singing “I Will Survive” in my head.  Seemed somehow appropriate.

Looking forward to a groovy holiday weekend.  More from sunny rainy South(west) Florida soon…

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