That is Madam Valedictorian to you…

Okay, someone just go ahead and point out the lesson to me. Clearly, I am supposed to be working on the finer aspects of my character. Maybe some patience mixed with a good measure of faith? What do you see in my tea leaves? Read them for me, please.

My surgery is scheduled for June 18th. That, for those of you not counting, is almost a full 2 months after they noted that something is amiss. Good thing God and I have been having regular chats about my fears, because the doctor won’t know anything for another month and a half. Don’t get me wrong… I am glad they don’t think I am dying (otherwise, they wouldn’t wait so long to do the surgery). But, have I mentioned that I hate not knowing? Guess that’s where the patience and faith lesson comes in? How come God couldn’t just use a felt board to explain this to me? I love a felt board. I decidedly do not love this.

At the risk of sounding all AA, I will say that I believe I am learning to live one day at a time. I mean, what if nothing is wrong and I spent all this time being miserable and worrying for no reason? And, if there is something wrong, worrying is not going to change it. Ultimately, I am powerless over this aspect of my health. So, I will sip some green tea (it has anti-oxidants) and try to live life on life’s terms (ha! snuck in another AAism. Clever, no?).

But the biggest question this has answered for me was the lingering question about my recovery: Will I crave a drink if something goes wrong in my world? The answer: No. So, does this mean I can finally be the valedictorian of AA?

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