Quick Trip

My weeks are typically rather scripted.  I am not known for my spontaneity.  I go to AA meetings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I run on Tuesday, Thursday and some other day I squeeze in where I can.  No surprises here, folks.

But, today Monkito called me with a plan:  a free concert at Lowery Park.  Tonight.  Rebekah Pulley.  So, this evening, I threw caution to the wind, hopped on my bike, and rode off toward Lowery Park.

We cruised up to the park equipped with a blanket, some snacks & sodas… we were ready to hang.  I had just gotten settled in on the blanket, when I looked up and saw Monkito looking back at me.

“Oh no.  You can’t be bored,” I implored.  But, indeed, she was already lamenting leaving her book and her camping chair at home.

“But this is chill time.  You know, time to hang out together.”

“Okay,” she said, sounding a bit more enthused.  “What do you want to talk about?  Tell me a story.”


She settled in after a bit.  I used the Sun Chips as a salty pacifier to bribe her.  I got to listen to Rebekah Pulley for a bit, while I ate my dark chocolate & oreo covered cappuccino frozen yogurt bar.

And then… time to hop back on the bikes and head home.  In total, we were at the park for less than an hour.  Good thing I always enjoy the ride just as much as the destination.

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One Comment on “Quick Trip”

  1. M. Monkito Says:

    In my world: we spent the time there lying on our sheet, looking up at the sky through the pine trees, feeling as though no one could see us as we talked about our day.

    But your account is accurate too.

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