My Pez Will Hate This

As I sat in my office, minding my own business (and the business of all my facebook friends), I heard a tap on the door. Before I could even tell the person to come in, the door swung open. I immediately employed my icy demeanor (reserved for those who invade my personal space without permission) and looked up to find the Sociology Chair standing in my doorway.

“Just wanted to take a look at the office, so we know what kind of furniture to order!” she chirped.

Hold up. A) I don’t teach Sociology. B) Clearly I am occupying this office. Which leads us to C) WTF?!?

She snickered. S.n.i.c.k.e.r.e.d. “Oh, I guess you didn’t know that we are taking these offices back.”

“Shit. Are you kidding me? Shit.” I get really eloquent when confronted with unwelcome news.

Then, out of my mouth came the equivalent of “I am telling Mom”… “I think Dee is going to be really unhappy that she didn’t get to tell me this.” Ha! I told the Sociology Chair that she was in trouble with our Office Manager. Sure did.

That will teach her to be so glib about moving my cheese.

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