Love… True Love

For 15 years, BTC has been my best friend.  We were impetuous college freshmen when we met.  I adored her immediately.  Still do.  She has this remarkable way of understanding me completely.  I rarely have to explain anything to her.  And one of her gifts is her obvious love for those close to her.  It is impossible to be near her and not feel some measure of peace, some sense of truly being embraced faults and all.  My soul has been inextricably tied to hers since I met her.  She has put up with and forgiven more than most people would have… and she loves me all the same.  Amazing.  She is truly amazing.

On April 4, my best friend got married to someone that beautifully complements her, someone who appreciates all that she offers and all that she is.  There was such joy in standing by her side, in honoring the commitment she made to a woman that loves her boundlessly.  The two of them, together, radiate the kind of love that will last, the kind of love that can be trusted, leaned on … cherished.

I held back tears through the entire ceremony.  After all, I had a job to do… I had to read the Apache Blessing, hold her bouquet and hand her the ring, all without losing my proverbial shit.  I struggled during my toast, too… Very few times in my life have I been so happy that I couldn’t speak without tearing up.  She, more than anyone I know, deserves the kind of love and devotion reflected in the promises they made to each other.

When I look at the two of them together, this is what I believe:

She will continuously look at Sarah and be in awe of the person she is and the person she is becoming.  And she will be amazed at the person that Sarah has inspired her to become.  They will be better people because they are together.  Each of them will be strengthened by their love for the other.  The more they grow together, and the deeper their love  becomes, the more they will shine as individuals.

Congratulations to my best friend and her love.  May they find exquisite happiness in their journey together.

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